Re-opening Elexon’s office: Building back better

Empty desks and meeting areas in the Elexon office

An open letter from Elexon CEO Mark Bygraves about opening the Elexon offices:

Mark BygravesAs you know, all of the Elexon team have been successfully working remotely since 13 March and we have been considering how we can ‘build back better’, while serving the needs of our colleagues and customers. To that end, we conducted an internal and an external survey (and we appreciate the responses and numerous insights received from BSC Parties and stakeholders).

Re-opening in 2021

The most significant finding from the external survey was that for a number of reasons most of the respondents are not expecting to return to face-to-face meetings or to travel to London for at least the next three to six months. Consequently we have decided that we will not be re-opening the Elexon office, save in exceptional circumstances, to external visitors until at least the beginning of 2021 and we will therefore continue to hold all meetings, committees and workgroups virtually.

Digital meeting commitments

To recognise this prolonged change to our working arrangements, and based on our experience and your feedback, we have created a set of principles to be followed when holding online meetings. These principles will be highlighted at the beginning of each meeting to hopefully improve your virtual meeting experience.

Get in touch

If there is anything further that you think we could do to improve our online meetings please get in touch.

I can assure you we really value your feedback and want to work with you to find ways of further improving our engagement with you and how we work together. We will also keep you updated on any further developments and seek your views at further junctures, as necessary.

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