Customer survey shows appreciation of our support during COVID-19

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The results of Elexon’s 2020 annual customer survey sees improvements in a number of our core services and highlights that the support we have provided our customers during COVID-19 was appreciated.

Elexon serves more than 480 electricity market participants and commissions an annual survey, carried out by an independent third party, to find out how energy companies rate its performance as manager of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC).

Satisfaction scores

Although the 2020 survey shows that overall satisfaction with our service in 2020 dipped slightly (with 66% of respondents scoring 8 or more out of 10) from a three year high in 2019 of 71%, our average service ratings remain consistently high.

Of the customers who responded to our survey, 70% of them would speak highly of Elexon, with 88% of them saying our service had improved or stayed the same.

More than 50% of respondents said they highly rated our adaptability, an increase of 16% compared with 2019. And 71% of customers also highly rated our quality of service.

OSMs meet or exceed expectations

Our Operational Support Managers (OSMs) provide dedicated first line support to customers that use our services and this year 94% of those customers stated that our OSMs are either meeting their expectations or exceeding them.

Understanding of Elexon Kinnect

Awareness of our digitalisation programme, Elexon Kinnect, has also grown, with 90% of respondents having either some understanding, or a good understanding of the benefits the programme will bring, such as the digital market entry and participant management functionality.

Good results during a difficult year

Elexon Chief Executive, Mark Bygraves, said:

“This year has been extremely difficult and challenging for everyone involved in the energy industry, so I’m particularly pleased to see that our customers have recognised and appreciated our quick response in supporting them at a time when they needed it most during COVID-19. It has been a real team effort to produce what is a good set of results in our latest survey. I am pleased that customers appreciate and value our expertise and the quality and reliability of Elexon’s services as well as our adaptability and willingness to help. We always focus on value for money so I was pleased to see that our customers recognised this in the survey.

As always there are areas where we must improve and evolve, so that we can continue to offer a better service to help our customers meet the challenges they face.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey and give us feedback, which as always we will analyse and act upon to continue to improve.”

Plans for improvement

Following the feedback to the survey we will look to take action in the following areas as a priority, whilst also addressing other areas that came through as suggestions/concerns.

Continued awareness of Elexon Kinnect

We will continue to raise awareness of our major digitalisation programme, Elexon Kinnect, our flexible, scalable platform, which will provide a digital market entry service and a Settlement solution, together with insights and data to aid market participants.

Personalising communications

We will look to customise our communications so they are tailor made for our customers’ needs as well as improve the user experience that we deliver through the Elexon Portal and BMRS.

Customer survey results

View the customer survey results in full.


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