2021 is a key year for our new digital platform

Elexon’s board has highlighted that 2021 will be a key year for the roll out of Elexon Kinnect, our new flexible and scalable digital platform. It will ensure that we can continue to deliver our high quality services to customers on the road to net zero.

In its latest circular letter to BSC Parties, Michael Gibbons, Chair of Elexon’s board and the BSC Panel said that BSC central systems which manage Settlement need to be replaced following 20 years’ service.

The board sends open letters to the industry about its work on a regular basis. This started following the governance changes affecting the Board in P324, and has become a conscious commitment to increase accountability to Parties.

Kinnect to manage major sector changes

We started delivery of Elexon Kinnect in 2017. It will replace the current systems in phases with a cloud-based platform. Investment in the new platform will help us to manage the increasing volume and complexity of change in the energy sector. Michael Gibbons said this will ‘reduce the risk that the performance of existing systems will deteriorate, which could impact on Settlement accuracy and stability.’  More information on the roll out of Kinnect is available in our business plan 2021/22.

The board established a new committee to support, and provide oversight, for Kinnect. The Transformation Committee is chaired by David Titterton, and the other members are Clare Duffy and Sara Vaughan who are all industry non-executive directors of Elexon’s board.

In January 2021, Elexon launched the Customer Solution for Kinnect. It replaces form-filling for Parties to enter the market and manage their BSC account, with a simple to use, online portal. So far, feedback from Parties on the Customer Solution has been positive.

Energy codes and operator roles reform

The letter reiterates our view that the energy codes and the system operator roles for electricity and gas should be reformed together. We have proposed that the codes are consolidated and simplified into a single ‘Market Operator’, which would work alongside a single system operator for gas and electricity. This approach will allow for better management of the energy system on the road to net zero.

New corporate purpose

Our principal aims include continuing to deliver leading customer service and managing Settlement to our historic high standards.  We have also developed a new corporate purpose ‘Serving at the heart of the energy industry, building a path to Net Zero’ which will guide our work.

Our 2020 customer survey results

We continue to perform well for customers and the letter provides the link to the full results of our 2020 customer survey. We were pleased that our customers recognised and appreciated our quick responses in supporting them in managing the impact of COVID-19. We also continue to maintain high scores on value for money on our services.

Attracting and retaining colleagues

Our ability to meet our goals and deliver the services our customers need depends on us attracting and retaining motivated colleagues. To achieve this we have developed a people strategy which will further develop our high performance culture and support agile ways of working.

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