300 customers now use the Kinnect Customer Solution [Board Circular 9]

In the latest Elexon Board circular letter to BSC Parties, Board Chairman Michael Gibbons has highlighted the success so far in the roll out of the Customer Solution, the first major component that Elexon has delivered for its new digital platform – Elexon Kinnect.

Replacing ageing BSC Systems

We are replacing ageing BSC Central Systems with the new cloud platform. It will be flexible and scalable to meet the needs of our customers in the future, and support quicker changes to the BSC to help progress to net zero.

Encouraging BSC Parties to use the Customer Solution

The Customer Solution replaces cumbersome form filling processes with a simple online interface which supports market entry and management by Parties of their ‘BSC account’ once they are active in the market. Processes that used to take days to complete now take just minutes.

Since we launched the Customer Solution in January, we have on-boarded over 900 BSC customer contacts, and almost 300 of them are using the platform regularly.

120 people signed up to support development of Analysis and Insights solution

Progress is well underway on the next phases of Kinnect which include replacing the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service with a new Analysis and Insights Solution.

Michael highlighted that more than 120 people across the industry have signed up to be involved in developing and testing the new Analysis and Insights Solution.

Other topics covered in the Board circular

The latest circular letter also covers:

  • Approval of Modification P375 ‘Settlement of Secondary BM Units using metering behind the site Boundary Point’, implementation of P398 ‘Open Data’, and Ofgem’s approval of the first proposal to use the BSC Sandbox, as examples of how our work supports progress to net zero
  • The roles we will play as Senior Responsible Owner and Programme Manager for implementation of Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement
  • How approval by Ofgem of Modification P390 ‘Allowing extensions to Elexon’s business and activities, subject to additional conditions’ can support code consolidation and simplification
  • Our internal work to create a culture among Elexon colleagues that is supportive, collaborative and inclusive of one another. It will also ensure we put customers first when carrying out our work.

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