Simon McCalla talks about his new role as Elexon’s Chief Executive

I am Simon McCalla and I started as Elexon’s new Chief Executive at the start of April 2022. I’m excited to be joining Elexon and the energy industry at what is both a challenging and critical period.

The sector has a central, driving role in the pursuit of a carbon-neutral future and while trying to achieve that audacious goal, is battling with political and economic challenges that affect all participants.

Experience in managing critical infrastructure

Although I am new to the energy industry, I have over 30 years’ experience in technology, strategy and commercial leadership across a wide variety of sectors. I have managed companies that look after critical infrastructure, in the same way that Elexon manages the vital Settlement processes and governance of the BSC.

For over a decade I have worked in leadership roles for companies that have all been stakeholder-led businesses, governed and managed much like Elexon.

I am looking forward to understanding the unique challenges of Elexon and the BSC, whilst hopefully sharing my insights with colleagues and our customers.

Working to improve our services

Elexon plays a crucial role at the heart of the electricity system and it has a reputation for excellent customer service. It is a real privilege to lead an organisation where both the services delivered, and the people here who deliver them, are so highly regarded.

Over the past few years we have performed very strongly in the rankings on customer service for code arrangements. I recognise however, that we can always do more, so one of the areas I aim to focus on is considering what we could do to further improve our services, work closely with our customers and strive to deliver value for money.

I look forward to meeting our customers

Over the next few weeks and months I will be arranging to meet BSC Parties to learn more about their companies and the market in general. Everyone at Elexon is fully aware that this is a very challenging and unprecedented period for the energy sector, with high levels of price volatility in wholesale markets.

I especially want to understand how this is impacting on our customers, what we can do to support them, and if there is anything we can do better.

Major changes to governance

The sector has been changing rapidly and major reforms are on the way, in which Elexon is playing a key part. The Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Programme, a separate, ring-fenced team in Elexon, is guiding the industry through implementation of a key reform which will enable the innovation we need to meet Net Zero.

The governance arrangements for the industry will also change. On 6 April, BEIS and Ofgem announced that a fully independent, publicly-owned Future System Operator will be created in place of the Electricity System Operator role performed by National Grid ESO.

There will be a consultation on the ownership of Elexon, as we are currently owned by National Grid ESO. There was also confirmation that code administrators and code panels will be replaced by arrangements where Ofgem will license code managers.

These are therefore exciting and very interesting times, and I look forward to working with all of my new colleagues, and our customers to help transform the energy sector.

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