The members of the Board have a strong mix of multi-disciplinary experience and a composition that follows corporate governance best practice. The Elexon Board is ultimately accountable to BSC Parties.

The Board


Main duties

The Elexon Board is responsible for:

  • providing leadership to Elexon
  • setting the company’s strategic aims, including the approval of its annual Business strategy
  • ensuring that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for the company to meet its objectives, including approving the company’s budget
  • reviewing the performance of the company’s management
  • the governance of the company
  • ensuring that Elexon’s obligations to its stakeholders, including BSC Parties, are understood and met

Responsibilities between Chair and Chief Executive

The following document details the division of responsibility, including reporting lines and key responsibilities.

Governance documents

Elexon’s governance is overseen by the Elexon Board and we are managed on a day-to-day basis by our Executive Team. Elexon’s core governance documents are our Memorandum and Articles of Association and Section C of the BSC.

The governance of the company is also documented by the Board’s schedule of reserved matters and the division of responsibilities between the chair and the CEO. These documents describe the roles of the Board and the Executive Team respectively.


Board meetings

Our Board is scheduled to meet on ten occasions each year, and at other times where necessary. These meetings include main Board meetings, strategy meetings and committee meetings.

The Board publishes a circular every 6 months to keep Parties informed of the issues that the Board is currently focused on.

Requesting meetings or votes

To request a General Meeting or a vote at an Annual BSC Meeting you should complete the necessary form and email it to Elexon’s Company Secretariat.

It can also be sent by post to The Company Secretary.

The General Meeting Request Form must be authenticated by the Authorised Signatory of the Voting Party or Voting Parties making the request.

The request must also be made by Voting Parties holding at least 5% of the Actual Voting Share.

Elexon Board committees

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee is responsible for providing assurance to the Board in relation to the integrity of the company’s financial reporting, the effectiveness of internal financial controls and overseeing the effectiveness of the company’s risk management framework.

Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference (Size: 109.93 KB)

Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Committee

This committee is responsible for providing Board level oversight and scrutiny of the operational performance of, and support and assistance to, the MHHS Programme Implementation Manager, to report progress to the full Board, and to make recommendations to the full Board in relation to matters that are reserved to the Board.

MHHS Committee Terms of Reference (Size: 107.51 KB)

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for overseeing the process for appointments to the Board.

Nominations Committee Terms of Reference (Size: 101.49 KB)

People and Remuneration committee

This committee is appointed to lead the process for remuneration of the Company Chair, the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Team, and for monitoring matters concerning culture particularly in respect of Health, Safety and Wellbeing (H,S&WB) and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

People and Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference (Size: 120.49 KB)

Transformation Committee

The Committee is responsible for providing oversight of the company’s Significant Technology Change; and for approving investments, contracts and changes that fall within the scope of matters delegated to the Committee by the Board, and making recommendations to the Board in relation to matters that are reserved to the Board.

Transformation Committee terms of reference (Size: 125.54 KB)

Voting Share

Voting Share Register

The Actual Voting Share for your Trading Party Group or Distribution Business Group is published regularly on the website.

Votes can only be exercised by an Authorised Person or by a duly appointed Proxy.

BSCP38 on the BSC website gives further details on appointing Authorised Persons who can:

  • keep Elexon informed of changes to Trading Party Groups and Distribution Business Groups
  • request a vote at a General Meeting or an Annual BSC Meeting
  • exercise a vote on behalf of a Voting Party at a General Meeting or an Annual BSC Meeting
  • point a proxy to vote on a Voting Party’s behalf at a General Meeting or an Annual BSC Meeting.

Annex C-2 of BSC Section C: BSCCo and its Subsidiaries, sets out the rules for determining what a BSC Party’s Actual Voting Share.

Proxy Appointments

Voting Parties can appoint a proxy using the Proxy Appointment Form that is issued to you as part of the notice of a General Meeting.

Proxy Appointment Forms must be sent to Elexon’s Company Secretariat at [email protected]