Our annual business plan explains our activities for each coming year; this includes how we manage our services, work with stakeholders to evolve the BSC, and support progress to net zero.  

Initially, a draft business plan is published each December and sent out to the industry for feedback. The feedback is gathered and addressed and a completed business plan is published by the end of March, the following year.

Latest business plan

Business plan cover - wind turbines as the sun goes down

Our business plan has been published for 2022/23.

What’s in the plan?

The chapters within the business plan are:

  • Overview  (Page 3)
  • Customer Engagement   (Page 9)
  • The Helix Programme  (Page 14)
  • MHHS Programme   (Page 18)
  • Participant Management  (Page 21)
  • Settlement and Invoicing   (Page 24)
  • The Kinnect Insights Solution  (Page 27)
  • Assurance (Page 30)
  • Rules Management (Page 35)
  • People Strategy (Page 39)
  • Electricity Market Reform (Page 42)
  • Budget for 2022/23 (Page 44)

View the Business Plan

Responses to the Business Plan

An open letter has been sent to Sara Vaughan, Elexon Interim Chief Executive Officer, from Phil Hare (Deputy Chairman of BSC Panel) with the BSC Panel’s thoughts and comments on the BSCCo Business Plan 2022/23.