We are asking our customers to join our dedicated user group to help shape the new Settlement and Invoicing Solution. By getting involved you will be able to review the product as it develops, influence the product roadmap and test the effectiveness of the service through its iterative releases.

The benefits

The objective of the new Settlement and Invoicing Solution is to enable us to respond more quickly to industry change.

It will target Settlement accuracy to minimise the financial impact from changes in data through the reconciliation process using enhanced validation to prevent and detect errors.

It will also support the Market Wide Half Hourly Settlement goal to reduce the Settlement timeline from 14 to 4 months.

The Settlement Administration Agent calculations will be the first content we will include in the new product and this will be live from Autumn 2022.

As more customers feedback and guidance is obtained from the user group, further developments will be introduced targeting customer priority and value.

Join the Settlement & Invoicing user group

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About the Settlement Solution Project