This page outlines the archive policy that Elexon has introduced to manage the content on its website. It is not a policy whereby content is deleted.

However, some content may be removed if its agreed lifecycle suggests that it holds little direct value remaining on the website. This content will then just remain within the Elexon internal repository.

About lifecycle

The lifecycle of content is not based on the age of the content but on how essential that content is compared to more current content. The aim is to present the most current and up to date information to our customers.

If content has been removed to the Elexon internal repository, this will be accessible on request.

List of content and its lifecycle

Content Type Archived Internal repository
News N/A Older than 10 months
Elexon Responses to Industry Consultations 12 months after the consultation is closed Older than 60 months
Board Circulars N/A Older than last 60 months

Changes to lifecycle

Depending on customer feedback we may alter the content lifecycle to extend or reduce its presence on the site.