We believe in the importance of evolving and developing with the changing energy landscape. We champion innovation to better our customers’ experience and reach targets and goals that will benefit everyone.

Our purpose

“Serving at the heart of the energy industry, building a path to Net Zero”

Our vision

Graphic of electtric turbines and solar apnels in a green space surrounded by people

By 2026, our vision is that Elexon will be transforming energy code management, cementing its position as a central energy markets leader and working with industry to make significant progress in the energy transition to Net Zero.

We will be recognised by customers and stakeholders for our excellence, innovation, speed and value for money. We will be an employer of choice and our culture will reflect performance, teamwork and diversity.


Our strategy

Our strategy has five core themes:

Delivering service excellence and customer value

We will continue to evolve our end-to-end service delivery model in order to process changes to our systems and services in a more agile way, in line with changing industry requirements.

Delivering strategic programmes

We will complete the roll-out of our flexible and scalable cloud platform, Elexon Kinnect, to ensure that we can deliver BSC changes more quickly and support the innovation the sector needs to meet Net Zero. We will continue to support the implementation of Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS), an important step towards a more flexible and efficient electricity system.

In addition, we are developing the new services that Elexon needs in order to process Settlement data at the increased scale that MHHS will bring (this work is referred to as the Helix Programme).

Transforming BSC code management

We will look at ways to streamline and enhance the way we work together with industry and Ofgem to progress code changes and to evolve and innovate how we manage the BSC. We will seek to bring people together to contribute to new ways of working focused around reinforcing the BSC’s position as one of the leading central energy codes.

Strengthening industry engagement and relationships

We will continue to engage closely with all Parties on our potential change of ownership and we will work with BEIS, Ofgem and NGESO on the transition to new arrangements.  We will engage closely on the review of electricity market arrangements (REMA), Code Reform and Net Zero initiatives to ensure that we can play our part in working with the rest of the industry to develop these important reforms.

We also believe that our Settlement skills and expertise can assist with other areas of the electricity industry, just as they did with the EPG and EBRS.

Developing our people

We will build on our existing People Strategy, continuing to make Elexon an aspirational place to work, in roles at the heart of the industry. We will look to attract and retain talented people, create the industry experts of the future and by doing so provide high levels of service to our customers.

Elexon's business plan

More detail on the specific activities we are undertaking to meet these strategic goals is set out each year in our annual business plan.