At Elexon, we believe a diverse and inclusive culture allows innovation and creativity to flourish. We are committed to continuously improving our culture for our colleagues and stakeholders. To do this, we want to:

  • provide true equality of opportunity
  • attract and retain diverse talent
  • listen to all voices
  • be representative of the communities we work in
  • be a role model for Diversity and Inclusion in the industry.

We make this commitment to our colleagues and stakeholders, and we aspire to create a safe space for all within our Elexon culture.

Facilitating better equality, diversity and inclusion

Elexon are committed to having an equal, diverse and inclusive culture for our colleagues and stakeholders. We want Elexon to be a safe place for all. To help drive this forward, we have a Diversity Forum that comes up with proactive and progressive actions to make Elexon a better place to work.

About our Diversity Forum

The Diversity Forum first met in July 2020 and came about after the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent Black Lives Matter movement. Elexon colleagues wanted a safe place where they could discuss personal and lived experiences and deliver actions to create an inclusive culture where everyone is valued for who they are and what they bring to Elexon.

The aim of our Diversity Forum is to:

  • Be a catalyst for positive Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) change within Elexon and the industry
  • Live to our values and work to make Elexon more equal, diverse and inclusive
  • Ensure actions are progressed and applied where appropriate

Within Elexon’s Diversity Forum all members have an equal stake, and day job seniority does not impact your voice. The Forum has an open door policy, and all colleagues are encouraged to join for a meeting or as a permanent member.

Diversity Forum actions

The actions that have come out of the Forum thus far have been focused on making EDI accessible and understandable for all colleagues. As such, all actions have had a ‘whole organisation’ focus. The Forum has helped to implement:

  • EDI training for all colleagues, from the board down
  • Elexon’s first Diversity week with events focused on allyship and inclusion across the organisation
  • a statement of intent and strapline – the statement has actions that are relevant at an organisational and individual level
  • removal of the need for a degree from our job descriptions
  • Disability Awareness Week with events focused on seen and unseen disabilities.