Clare Duffy

Industry Non-Executive Director
[email protected]

Clare Duffy is the Network Development and Electrification Manager for ESB Networks.

As part of the senior management team in ESB Networks, her key responsibilities include planning electricity distribution network asset investments, planning distribution customer connections (e.g. demand, renewables, flexibility, generators) and security of supply of the national distribution network.

Clare was appointed to the Elexon Board on 1 November 2015.

Clare is also accountable for Innovation and Electrification activities across ESB Networks. Clare is a chartered engineer with almost 25 years’ experience working in the power industry. ESB is a leading independent generator and supplier in the GB market as well as a generator, supplier, network owner and DSO in Ireland.

In addition to her roles with ESB and Elexon, Clare previously chaired Energy UK’s Strategic Policy Committee. She has post-graduate qualifications in accounting, cybersecurity, finance, management and marketing.

Board Roles

  • Member of Audit and Risk Committee
  • Member of People and Remuneration Committee
  • Member of Nominations Committee