Peter Stanley

Interim CEO and Chief Operating Officer at Elexon
020 7380 4100

I am the interim CEO as well as the Executive Director responsible for Elexon’s digital operations business.

Role at Elexon

I am Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Elexon. As Chief Operating Officer I oversee the Digital Operations that handle substantial funds to ensure electricity market compliance. Digital Operations is responsible for the operational performance of the products that deliver Elexon’s obligations under the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) and for realising the product vision for the Elexon Kinnect Platform that is digitally transforming our business comprising customer management, settlement  and Insight services to support Net Zero.

Experience at Elexon

I have been instrumental in scaling Elexon’s business with a digitalized platform strategy and operational transformation, driving key initiatives for market insight services, data analytics, and emerging flexibility markets.

This has included orchestrating multi-million-pound technology transformations, migrated legacy applications to cloud environments, and established effective multi-vendor sourcing strategies, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Interviews, presentations and articles

Experience in the industry

I have over 35 years in the electricity industry and have gained a strong background in driving technology and data focused transformations within the energy sector. I have a proven track record in leading post-acquisition integrations, complex technology initiatives, and operational model shifts.

I developed comprehensive strategies for digital customer experience, enterprise mobility, big data, cloud adoption, and more at National Grid, receiving industry recognition and fostering high employee engagement.

As VP and Corporate CIO at National Grid I was responsible for a diverse range of functions and technology services. I successfully led large-scale legacy infrastructure and system modernization efforts, global network transformations, and the implementation of cloud-based solutions. I was also an award-winning leader in enterprise architecture and technological innovation.

My roles have required me to engage effectively at the Board and C-level to enact strategic change that advances energy independence, security of supply, and net-zero goals.