There are many personal and professional benefits when you work at Elexon.

We take into consideration our employees’ responsibilities, goals and wellbeing in order to try and offer a great working experience for everyone.

See a complete list of the financial, social and health benefits we offer.

Financial benefits


We regularly review our reward packages by benchmarking within the sector and the market so that we can ensure that our pay and benefits remain attractive.

There are also annual performance-based bonuses of up to 10% of basic salary. These payments are based upon you reaching or exceeding your performance targets. Annual pay reviews also take place.


All colleagues are auto enrolled into our company pension scheme and you can select how much you wish to contribute. Elexon also contribute to your pension payments. Examples of pension contribution:

  • 3% employee contribution; 6% employer contribution
  • 4% employee contribution; 8% employer contribution
  • 6% employee contribution; 12% employer contribution

Elexon’s contribution is capped at 12% but you can of course contribute more than 6%.

Life Assurance Scheme

On joining Elexon, all permanent employees are automatically enrolled onto the Life Assurance Scheme at no cost to the individual. In the event of death in service before the age of 65, a “Lump Sum” will be paid equal to four times your basic annual salary to your chosen beneficiary.

General benefits


Elexon offer a generous enhancement to the statutory leave allowance. You can accrue up to a maximum of 32 days of leave depending on pay band and years of services,  plus the 8 bank holidays.

Buying and selling days

You can buy and sell five days leave a year. You can sell holiday between December-January, although you can still buy holiday throughout the year based on workload and commitments.

Season ticket loan

We run a season ticket scheme that will enable you to pay your travel fare in a lump sum in order to take advantage of the discount rates transport services supply. This lump sum is then deducted in installments from your monthly salary.

Personal computer loan

The Computing Scheme offers assistance to employees who want to purchase computer equipment. The cost is spread over 12 months with no credit checks and no interest charged, providing affordable monthly salary deductions are in place.

Flexible working

A father working at the kitchen table next to his daughter. A woman on the phone in her home office

We have an open approach to how you work. Everyone has other commitments and demands, so we champion flexible working. All colleagues are able – and welcome – to work remotely from wherever they are with their company laptop.

Our flexible approach allowed colleagues to transition during the COVID-19 pandemic to complete remote working. We are now looking at the long term approach as we recognise that office working has changed dramatically.

We have been able to prepare, plan and execute day-to-day working, meetings etc with the minimum of disruption.

We are still keen to promote and have an active ‘office experience’, where individuals, teams etc. stay in contact professionally and socially by using our in-house technology.

The way we work is still evolving and we will continue to look at the most effective ways to work.

Employees who work remotely

Health and wellbeing


We are keen to promote health and wellbeing opportunities for our colleagues and would encourage people to consider taking advantage of any of the following:

  • private health check
  • private healthcare
  • dental insurance
  • eye care voucher scheme

Being active

We will pay up to £600 a year towards each of our employees’ physical or digital membership, whether that be gym, yoga etc. You don’t have to be a member of a specific gym, just prove you have joined or are already a member.

We also have a cycle to work scheme, which means you could save 25%-39%. You get to choose a bike, hire it for an agreed length of time, then purchase it for a reduced price.

Mental health

We have ongoing and continued support for all Elexon employees. Our Employee Assistance programme can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year in the form of:

  • telephone counselling
  • face to face counselling
  • legal and financial information
  • medical, health and wellbeing information

Mental health first aiders

In order to help recognise and assist all colleagues we have introduced mental health first aiders. These first aiders will be able to:

  • understand the important factors affecting mental ill health
  • identify the signs and symptoms for a range of mental health conditions
  • listen non-judgementally and hold supportive conversations using the Mental Health First Aid action plan
  • signpost people to professional help

All post-holders undergo training for the role, which is overseen by the Mental Health Foundation.

Career development

Training opportunities

Elexon encourages colleagues to take advantage of training opportunities that meet their team or individual needs. We have a relatively flat team structure and we prefer to avoid increasing the number of managers and establishing a hierarchical structure.

Our focus is on individual skill-sets and developing an enjoyable and challenging role regardless of the position within Elexon. However, this does not mean that we do not have opportunities that offer managerial experience.

You will be allowed to explore external training options, seminars and workshops during your time with the company.

In-house training

We run a number of training sessions for anyone involved in the electricity industry and you will obtain a significant amount of knowledge and skill from these. However, we also ensure managers and colleagues offer training and support based around the individual tasks for each role.

This approach will ensure that you obtain the necessary skills to do your job but also to obtain additional skills that enhance your individual skill-set.