2023 Annual BSC seminar and meeting: what did you miss?

On Thursday 13 July, Elexon hosted its annual meeting and seminar.

The seminar guest speakers were:

  • Emily Bourne, Director (Energy Systems and Networks) at the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero
  • Neil Lawrence, Director of Delivery and Schemes at Ofgem

As part of the Annual BSC Meeting, there will be an opportunity to hear the latest on Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) as well as our thoughts and views about the future of Distributed Flexibility and the future of local energy institutions and governance.

Meeting recording

We have produced a video with the presentations from our speakers at the BSC seminar.

Video Length: 1hr, 51 sec

  • Sara Vaughan Chair, Elexon and BSC Panel: Welcome and introduction: 00:00 – 14.52
  • Simon McCalla, Elexon Chief Executive Officer, Overview of Elexon’s 2022/23 performance and 2023/24 strategic priorities: 14.52 – 27:17
  • Yasmin Mouse, Financial Director, Elexon, Elexon’s 2022/23 financial performance: 27:17 – 32:47
  • Emily Bourne (DESNZ): 32:47 -44.54
  • Peter Stanley, Chief Operating Officer, Elexon: Future of distributed Flexibility,  local energy institutions and governance: 44.54 – 54:52
  • Neil Lawrence (Ofgem): 54:52 -108.31
  • Helen Tipton, Director of Strategic Programmes, Elexon: Update on Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement: 108.31 -1.26.59
  • Voting and close: 1.49.74

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