At Elexon we are driven by our desire to provide good service to our customers – an ethos that is encompassed in all that we do, and the way in which we deliver our ‘end-to-end’ service, from market entrance to exit.

Read on to discover how we reach out to our customers and ways in which they can get involved in improving our services.

How we engage

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Listening to customers

Our company-wide Customer Experience function exists to listen to and act as the ‘Voice of Customer‘. With the help of ‘Voice of Customer’ Champions across all areas of our business, we ask for views on our services, identify other sources of insight, draw out ideas for change, and where viable implement improvements. We use surveys, user groups, metrics and other feedback mechanisms to obtain customer input. We also have dedicated customer service colleagues such as the BSC Operational Support Managers, who work with their customers to resolve issues, manage Settlement performance and engage with the BSC change process.


Sharing expertise

Elexon publishes Policy Views on a range of topical issues to stimulate debate and collaborate on joint papers with other industry experts.

We provide training courses and events on key areas of electricity industry participation, many of which are now available online to ensure our customers have access to resources as and when they need them.

User groups