This section details what Elexon manages and runs and how it impacts the wider energy industry.

The Balancing Settlement Code (BSC)

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The BSC is a legal contract all electricity participants must enter into in order to participate in the electricity market. We compare how much electricity generators and suppliers say they will produce, or use, with actual volumes, work out a price for the difference and transfers funds accordingly.

We provide an ‘end-to-end’ management of the BSC, from entering the market to day-to-day running and operations.

Insights Solution

This is the primary channel for providing operational data relating to the GB Electricity Balancing and Settlement arrangements. It is used extensively by market participants to help make trading decisions and understanding market dynamics and acts as a prompt reporting platform as well as a means of accessing historic data.

Electricity Market Reform (EMR) Settlement Services

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EMR Settlement Ltd (EMRS) delivers settlement for the Contract for Difference (CFD) and the Capacity Market (CM). The CFD supports investment in new low carbon generation and the CM scheme looks to facilitate future security of electricity supply.

This is part of a wider scheme to secure investment in replacing the UK’s ageing electricity assets and meet decarbonisation targets, energy security and affordability.

Elexon Portal

The Elexon Portal is a site that provides operational BSC data, including but not limited to:

  • Financial and Credit Cover information
  • Imbalance volumes
  • Historic System Buy Price/System Sell Price information
  • Line Loss Factor data
  • Operational parameter data
  • Settlement data

While a lot of this data is public, some is Party-specific and you may need to apply for access rights.

The Capacity Market Advisory Group (CMAG)

The Capacity Market Advisory Group (CMAG) plays a role in developing, analysing, prioritising and making recommendations to Ofgem for changes to the Capacity Market (CM) Rules.

The CMAG comprises of impartial expert Capacity Market participant members as well as other key stakeholders such as consumer groups.