Our annual business plan explains our activities for each coming year. This includes how we manage our services, work with stakeholders to evolve the BSC, and support progress to net zero.

A draft business plan is published each December and sent out to the industry for feedback. The feedback is gathered and addressed and a completed business plan is published by the end of March the following year.

Latest business plan

Our business plan has been published for 2024/25. Following feedback on our initial draft, the final version was published in March 2024.

What’s in the plan?

  • Overview ( page 3)
  • The business plan (page 10)
  • Delivering service excellence and customer value (page 12)
  • Delivering strategic programmes (page 19)
  • Transforming BSC code management (page 27)
  • Strengthening industry engagement to drive more value in what we deliver (page 29)
  • Developing our people  (page 31)
  • Budget for 2024/2025 (page 34)

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