We are a diverse workforce with a huge range of skills and professional experience, from graduates and second-jobbers up to established industry experts.

If you are talented and passionate about the electricity industry, or about the energy market, we’d love to talk to you.


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Look through the latest vacancies at Elexon and EMRS, download job descriptions, find out more about advertised roles and get applying.

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Elexon offers a range of great benefits for staff. As well as standard financial incentives we offer a generous work-related pension and leave package.

You can also take advantage of flexible working and loan initiatives for computers or home office equipment.

About the work we do

Our role within the electricity sector places us at its heart, ensuring the smooth operation of the wholesale electricity market.

Elexon therefore needs a range of staff who perform roles across various teams and projects.

Starting employment during COVID-19

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Discover how new employees found starting work at Elexon during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.

Several members of staff discuss their personal experience of starting work without having stepped foot in the office.

What our staff think

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Every year we take part in a staff survey to better understand what everyone thinks about working at Elexon.

The Executive team analyse the results and try to implement any improvements that are needed.