Our final 2024/25 business plan is now live

Elexon Business Plan 2024/25 front cover image

We have published the final version of our 2024/2025 business plan, setting out how our work will contribute to and support progress to Net Zero.

Our thanks go to companies that have provided feedback on the plan. Your views were taken into account when the Board made its final decision on the plan, at its March 2024 meeting.

Elexon’s Board has approved a budget of £119.0m for 2024/25, an increase of £3.1m compared with £115.9m which was proposed in the draft plan in December 2023.

The budget covers all Elexon activity including that for the Kinnect Programme, Helix Programme and the Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Programme. The increase of £3.1m is due to the need to strengthen testing for both the end-to-end HHS process and migration readiness, within the Helix Programme.

Our corporate strategy themes

We have structured our business plan in line with the five themes of our 2023 to 2025 corporate strategy:

  • Delivering service excellence and customer value
  • Delivering strategic programmes
  • Transforming code management
  • Strengthening industry engagement to drive more value in what we deliver
  • Developing our people.

Our strategy centres on our transforming energy code management, and cementing our position as a central energy markets leader by 2026. Our corporate purpose remains serving at the heart of the energy industry, driving a path to Net Zero. We also want to be recognised by customers and stakeholders for our excellence, innovation, speed and value for money.

See the business plan in full

Updates to the plan since the draft version

We have made some changes to the text for the plan, following the feedback we received.

These include:

  • Providing an explanation for the increase in headcount for Elexon in 2024/25 (page 39)
  • Adding total project budget figures for the MHHS and Helix Programmes to table 2.5 (page 41) to aid comparisons
  • Stating that we need to see the outcome of Ofgem’s work on a trust framework for consumer smart meter data sharing before we can develop our plans for HH data sharing, and setting out any costs associated with this.

Feedback provided on the business plan

Our work in 2024/25

  • Completing the roll out of Elexon Kinnect (our cloud platform) in October 2024, including the switching off remaining legacy systems
  • Completing the System Integration Test Phases for MHHS through to March 2025. This includes testing of the Helix services that Elexon has developed
  • Preparing for the start of migration of Meter Point Administration Numbers (MPANs) to HHS from April 2025, with the cutover to the new Settlement timetable expected to happen in December 2026
  • Preparing to take on operation of the Data Integration Platform (DIP), the next-generation messaging system which market participants will use for submitting half hourly data to Elexon for Settlement
  • Completing work on the qualification and requalification process for around 200 market participants that are preparing for MHHS participation
  • Developing Elexon’s Digitalisation Strategy and Action Plan which will share our understanding of stakeholders’ data needs and the services we can provide to meet those needs
  • Continuing to develop Elexon Support, our new Customer Service Management (CSM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) platform.
  • Continuing to develop and implement BSC Modifications which support Net Zero. This includes implementation of P415 ‘Facilitating access to wholesale markets for flexibility dispatched by Virtual Lead Parties (VLPs)’ in November 2024, a landmark change which will allow Virtual Lead Parties to participate in the wholesale market
  • Sharing findings throughout 2024/25 of our trials of early trials to examine whether use of AI on the digital BSC website can improve our service to Parties and offer good value for money.

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