Looking Back

Highlights of 2018/19 business
strategy implementation

In 2018/19, we continued to proactively support and contribute to the ongoing energy market transformation. So, in addition to delivering and evolving the BSC effectively, efficiently and economically, we built on our industry-leading service culture for the benefit of consumers and market participants.

Highlights: 2018/19 Financial Year
We will provide a full overview of the 2018/19 financial year and all activities in our Annual BSC Report, which will be published by the end of June 2019. Meanwhile, we provide highlights for 2018/19 against each of our Strategic Priorities: Delivery, Improvement, Customer focus and Capability.

2018/2019 Delivery

Enhance and evolve our services to support industry changes and development of the energy market

ELEXON’s Market Entry Support team have been miles above the industry standard in their interaction with us.

Actively manage our services to ensure that we deliver in a reliable, economic and efficient way

EU Developments
P344, Project TERRE (Trans European Replacement Reserves Exchange) was approved in August 2018 for implementation in February 2019 BSC Release

Data publication (BMRS)The BMRS is the primary channel for providing operational data relating to Great Britain’s Electricity Balancing and Settlement arrangements, as well as REMIT and European Transparency Regulation data.

Figure 01

Most popular APIs

  • System prices
  • Generation by fuel type
  • Gate closure data (Final Physical Notifications
  • FPNs, Maximum Export/Import Limits-MEL/MIL)
1235 Average daily users

Global Reach

Chart by Visualizer

Top Countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Ireland

Page Views

Chart by Visualizer

Average daily downloads (API hits) and data volume (GB)

Chart by Visualizer

Data publication

  • Results are consistently high for the second year
  • We have further improved on all key indicators in 2018
  • ‘Provision of support’ is lcose to 100%. See figure 01.

Supporting Ofgem and customers through SoLRs
We remained committed to supporting Ofgem, the industry and customers through the unprecedented levels of Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) events in 2018/19.

Ofgem’s code administrators’ performance survey findings
ELEXON’s satisfaction rating further increased in Ofgem’s second cross-code administrators’ performance survey, with 86% of those being surveyed satisfied or very satisfied with the services and support. See figure 02

Figure 02

Ofgem's code administrators' performance survey, 2018

86 %

Are satisfied or very satisfied
with ELEXON's service (nearly
50% are very satisfied)

Figure 02

Key customer service indicators Source: Ofgem

2018/19 Improvement

Enhance and evolve our services to support industry changes and development of the energy market

Performance Assurance Framework(PAF)

  • Plain English: Easy to read and techniclaly correct
  • Flexible/applicable to difference situations
  • AccurateL at minimising the errors in settlement

We developed a new Risk Evaluation Methodology which provides a forecast impact in financial terms, and a new risk register with fewer risks and enhanced information about them to support risk mitigation. See figure 03

Acting on feedback

We continued to make improvements to our website and teleconferencing facilities to enable wider participation in workgroups and meetings.

Figure 03

Risk Monitoring Approach

Accurate data transfer

Accurate energy allocation

Settlement Risk

Risk 4

34 Settlement

Monitor and analyse (ELEXON)

  • Engage stakeholders in identifying risks and risk appetite
  • Use data sources that give accurate and actionable views of risk materiality and improve credibility of data and KPIs
  • Strategic and tactical deployment of Performance Assurance Techniques (PATs)
  • Allows PAF processes to meet changing assurance needs and enable evidence-based decision making
Benefits to the BSC Parties / PAF Stakeholders
  • Easier to feed in views on risk evaluation and mitigation
  • Trustworthy data sources
  • Minimise reporting burden for BSC Parties and their agents
  • Better understanding of how Settlement Risks impact their organisation

BSC Sandbox

Implemented in August 2018, ELEXON’s BSC Sandbox can enable innovative products and services to enact trials of new business models and services with end customers

Multiple provider white paper

In April 2018 ELEXON published a white paper ‘Enabling Customers to Buy Power from Multiple Providers’ which offers a practical solution to adapting BSC central services to support individual customers buying electricity from more than one supplier. See figure 04

Digital market management

We launched a new process and selfservice platform for market entry, exit and registrations.

  • Deliver registration requirements for P344 (TERRE)
  • Remove manual entry and duplication of data capture

Figure 04

Multiple Suppliers

ELEXON White Paper: ‘Enabling customers to buy power from multiple providers’ proposes how we can swiftly enable consumers to derive benefits from new business models and new flexible arrangements.

The problem
Regulations place a single supplier at the centre of the customer relationship.

Prevents consumers benefitting from multiple suppliers (e.g. EV Lease, local community project, peer-to-peer trading).

ELEXON’s proposal
Unlocks the potential and can be implemented more quickly.

2018/19 Customer focus

Improve the customer experience and develop richer customer relationships

Helping BSC Parties operate efficiently

An Operational Support Manager (OSM) is an assigned prime contact for a BSC Party. They guide new and existing parties through the requirements to successfully fulfil their obligations under the BSC.

  • Rigorous on-boarding for operational obligations
  • Regular touchpoints to help keep on top of requirements
  • A comprehensive programme of training and bespoke advice
  • Monthly reports, calls and visits

Regular communications touchpoints

ELEXON has proactively changed and adapted its operational services to support a significant number of new market entrants which may have little or no prior experience in the energy markets. See figure 05

Figure 05

Regular communications
touch points

We are extremely happy with the continued support from the market entry team.

Guiding BSC parties through market change

We have hosted a number of events and forums to guide parties through the ongoing and upcoming market changes.

  • Industry days on smart meter roll out
  • Industry days on TERRE implementation
  • Stakeholder event on Half-Hourly settlement consultation
  • ‘Introducing ELEXON’ seminars.

Market Entry Support

We assisted a wide range of new energy industry participants and technology providers through our education and advice on market entry requirements.

Cross-code work on changes

We worked with National Grid and Energy Networks Association to develop a European Network Codes (ENCs) implementation plan which supports BSC Parties in managing the changes that these Network Codes and EU Guidelines have introduced.

We also work with all code governance bodies through code adminstration code of practice (CACOP)


Develop our service capabilities to enable industry to benefit from our experience

We believe end-to-end service is an essential pre-requisite for effectively coordinating the implementation of industry strategic change. See figure 06

Meter-to-Bank Process We administer the BSC – rules governing the ‘meter to bank’ process, including imbalance prices calculation every half hour, and Contracts For Difference (CFD) and Capacity Market (CM) payments.

Figure 06

Multiple Suppliers

Code Management
  • Industry rules management
  • Trusted critical friend
  • Dedicated customer support
Code operation
  • Central data platform delivery
  • 24/7 settlement
  • Design/change implementation
  • Assurance services
New policy support
  • Impartial, expert advice/guidance
  • Market scanning
  • Providing support to deliver policy outcomes

We also collect and distribute payments to Contracts For Difference Generators and Capacity Market providers

Sharing knowledge and Best Practices
We are committed to sharing our best practices and learning from other industries to improve our delivery capabilities. Our stakeholders are asking for additional support from us on the ongoing and new market initiatives and we are happy to share our knowledge.

Support to the energy market reforms
Over the last years ELEXON has provided support to government and Ofgem in reforming the energy markets and central arrangements.

  • Leading on Half-Hourly Settlement and Target Operating Model design for Ofgem
  • Opening up Balancing Mechanism for new market participants
  • Contributing to the Faster Switching Programme.
  • Feeding into other codes administrators’ work to ensure the ‘whole system’ approach
  • Contributing to Government and Ofgem taskforces on Energy Data and EV Energy
We are proud to receive a Silver Investor in People accreditation, which serves as a testament to our continued efforts to develop our people