Managing and mitigating our environmental impact is fundamental to ELEXON’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments. We are committed to integrating responsible behaviour and responsible environmental practices into our daily operations across the whole business.

By working with our stakeholders we aim to identify, manage and minimise the environmental impacts arising from our activities.

Elexon is committed to:

  • continually reviewing and improving our environmental performance
  • working to current legislation and going beyond our legal requirements
  • aligning our environment management system with ISO 14001
  • preventing pollution in all instances
  • monitor and reduce our colour printing
  • monitor, reduce and report our carbon footprint
  • monitor and reduce electricity consumption where possible
  • monitor and reduce our waste to landfill
  • building a path to Net Zero.

Elexon aims to continually monitor and reduce its impact on the environment through the use of recycled resources, waste management including the safe disposal of electrical and hazardous waste, energy saving measures and to ensure all staff are aware of this policy and their individual responsibilities.

Policy review

This policy will be reviewed every 12 months, and if significantly amended, submitted to the Board for approval.

Last reviewed: 5 September 2023

Environmental policy (Size: 189.39 KB)